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Frequently Asked Questions

A: While teams are usually small groups of 3-10 people, TeamBox can accommodate any number of team members. Your monthly kit will come with the right number of materials for the size of your team. If you plan to use the activities for larger groups, such as a unit or division, we recommend dividing participants up into smaller teams to ensure each member has the opportunity to contribute.

A: Each TeamBox kit includes all the information, instructions, and materials you need for your team-building experience. Inside each monthly TeamBox you’ll find: an executive summary for each team member, the facilitator guide, instructions for the activity, materials for the activity for all team members, a debrief & discussion for post-activity sharing, plus On Your Own worksheets for individual team members to go deeper and a Reading & Reflections guide.

In addition to the monthly kit items, you’ll receive binders when you sign-up for keeping the monthly materials and a quarterly book with chapter discussion guides specifically selected for developing team member knowledge and skill.

A: If your team changes and you need to modify your subscription, or you need to cancel your subscription, simply email Alyse at with the subject line Cancel. In your email please include your name and the name of your organization. The modification/cancellation notice must come from the subscribing individual.

A: Yes! Each facilitator guide includes instructions for modifying the activity for a virtual team instead. In fact, TeamBox will even ship your materials to team members at multiple addresses if your team is not co-located.

A: The purpose of reading a book as a team is to provide food for thought and discussion, ongoing individual and collective development, and aligned knowledge on a subject. Whether you’ve read the book before or not, reading a book with your team in mind, and knowing your teammates are reading it too, is a fresh and valuable experience.

A: Team-building activities are easiest to facilitate with small groups, yet the benefits can definitely extend to larger groups including an entire department or all the employees of a small business. If you plan to use TeamBox with more than 15 people, we recommend dividing your team into smaller groups so the activities are manageable and each group has plenty of opportunity for meaningful interaction. Then, you can bring the big group together for a time of reflection and discussion.